Artists Who Have Worked at Atelier 17 (Paris & NewYork, 1927-1955)

The following list of artists who have worked at Atelier 17 has been compiled largely from exhibition catalogues. Additional names have been supplied by Stanley William Hayter. During the course of personal interviews, the author asked the artists to recall the names of their former colleagues at the workshop. Once a substantial list had been established, questionnaires prepared for this exhibition were sent to those artists who could not be interviewed in person.

Attempts have been made to verify the accuracy of this list. The author recognizes that it is incomplete. Nonetheless, this compilation represents the most complete group of names gathered to date. Since no written records of the membership of Atelier 17 have been kept, it has been impossible to determine the exact dates when an artist was at the workshop. Moreover, some artists could not remember precisely when they had been members of the workshop. Hence three general, chronological categories, corresponding to the three main phases in the history of Atelier 17, have been used to give a general indication of the period when an artist was associated with the workshop. - Atelier 17: A 50th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition; (1977) Joann Moser; Elvehjem Art Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI., reprinted by permission of the author.

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1927-1939: Paris

Jankel Adler
Rose Adler
Werner von Alvensleben
Flora Blanc 
Victor Brauner
Sergio Brignoni
John Buckland-Wright
Massimo Campigli
Anita de Caro
Oscar Dominguez
Max Ernst
Phillip Evergood
John Ferren
Leonor Fini
Alberto Giacometti
Richard Gump
Stanley William Hayter
Joseph Hecht
Richard Hollander
Dalla Husband
Buffie Johnson
Maximillian Kolos-Vari
Elvira Kourjoudjian
Georges Lecoq-Vallon
Hope Manchester
Salvatore Mayo
Roderick Mead
Joan Miró
Nina Negri
Taro Okamoto
Jeanne Bieruma Oosting
Cathal Brendan O'Toole
Wolfgang Paalen
Gabor Peterdi
Helen Phillips
Anton Prinner
Siri Rathsman
Dickson Reeder
Dolf Rieser
Ruth Salaman (Collet)
David Smith
Ferdinand Springer
Hedda Sterne
Arpad Szenes
Yves Tanguy
Julian Trevelyan
Raoul Ubac
Ryoko Utsumi
André Vallon
Luis Vargas
Roger Vieillard
Marie-Helene Vieira 
 da Silva
Mary Wykeham
1940-1955: New York

Ellen Abbey 
E.B. Adam 
Adolf Aldrich 
Garo Antreasian 
Nemencio Antunez 
Irene "Fif" Aronson 
Lily Ascher 
Margaret Balzer 
William Baziotes 
Frederick G. Becker 
Harriet Berger (Nurkse) 
Isabel Bishop 
Grace Borgenicht 
Louise Bourgeois 
Paul Brach 
Cynthia Brants 
Theodore Brenson 
Robert Broner 
Letterio Calapai 
Alexander Calder
Sylvia Carewe
Marc Chagall 
Margaret Cilento 
Minna Citron 
Le Corbusier 
Ed Countey 
Ruth Cyril 
Salvador Dali 
Worden Day 
Dorothy Dehner 
William de Kooning 
Sari Dienes 
Werner Drewes 
Virginia Dudley 
Carlos Dyer 
Thomas Eldred 
Christine Engler 
Francine Felsenthal 
Perle Fine 
James Flora 
Teresa Fourpome 
Jean Franckson 
Friedrich Friedel 
Sue Fuller 
Robert Gardner 
Jan Gelb 
Milton Gendel 
James Goetz
Douglas Gorsline 
Peter Grippe 
Salvatore Grippi 
Josè Guerrero 
Alan Gussow
Terry Haass 
Stanley William Hayter 
Joseph Heil 
Anita Heiman 
Fannie Hillsmith 
Harry Hoehn 
Harry Holtzman
Ian Hugo
Reuben Kadish 
Sam Kaner 
Philip Kaplan 
Leon Karp 
Leo Katz 
Mar Jean Kettunen 
Dina Kevles (Baker) 
Kenneth Killstrom 
James Kleege 
Chaim Koppelman 
Wilfredo Lam 
Armin Landeck 
Mauricio Lasansky 
Ruth Leaf 
Jacques Lipchitz 
Ryah Ludens 
Reginald Marsh 
Ezio Martinelli 
Maria Martins 
Alice Trumbull Mason 
André Masson 
Matta (Sebastian Antonio 
Lotte Jacobi 
Raymond Jordan 
Richard Meyers 
Joan Miró 
Frances Mitchell 
David Moore 
Norma Morgan 
Jean Morrison 
Robert Motherwell 
Seong Moy 
Lee Mullican
Louise Nevelson 
Hubert Norton 
Lillian Orloff 
George Ortman
Cathal Brendan O'Toole 
Vevean Oviette 
Harold Paris 
Robert Andrew Parker 
Joellen Peet 
Irene Rice Pereira 
Gabor Peterdi 
Dmitri Petrov 
Helen Phillips
Ron Pierson 
Philip D. Platt 
Jackson Pollock 
Joseph Presser
Lucia Quintero 
André Racz 
Abraham Rattner 
Henry Regis
Dolf Rieser 
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Kurt Roesch 
Louis Ross 
Mark Rothko 
David Ruff 
Alfred Russell 
Anne Ryan 
Louis Schanker 
Karl Schrag 
Bess Schuyler 
Kenneth Scott 
Doris Seidler 
Clara Swead (Steiner)
Rufino Tamayo 
Yves Tanguy 
Ruthven Todd 
Molly Tureske 
Livinus van de Bundt
Anne Weinholt 
Pennerton West 
Jonathan Williams 
Larry Winston 
Madeleine Wormser 
Ana Rosa de Ycaza 
Enriqué Zanartu
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